Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH where most of my family still lives.  Currently residing just outside of Washington DC.


An experienced software engineer (20+ years) mostly in web application and infrastructure development. I spent 7 years pursuing my PhD in Electrical Engineering building software platforms and solutions for data science research. After teaching as a full time adjunct professor for one year I decided to come back to what I am most passionate. I have 2 Bachelors degrees in Information Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology from the University of Cincinnati where I did my graduate work and teaching. Most of my work has been for software development companies but also with non-profits, educational institutions and with small and non-technical companies. I have very strong written and oral communication skills. I consider myself to be very responsible and always punctual to deadlines.

Currently I work as a freelance consultant developing web, mobile and middle-ware apps that bridge the gap between the various open hardware embedded systems some of which I have designed and built as an electronics hobbyist. These systems integrate with existing infrastructure as well as new apps. They often require various automated solutions to companies that want full control and customization while leveraging cutting edge technologies. Many implementations involve deploying to multiple cloud providers (VPS/IaaS) providers that require integration with their own private cloud infrastructure and leveraging common design patterns and top level security and privacy. Hybrid cloud solution integrations are usually required for high customization and automation of infrastructure on demand. I utilize various tools to develop and deliver programmable infrastructure to streamline the process of deploying reconfigurable development workflows and adaptable infrastructure management across multiple service providers.